Have we reached saturation point with Freelance Medical Writers?

We had a situation this week when we were suddenly looking to replace a writer for a 6 week placement for Medical Writer. The booked candidate pulled out with flu at the very last minute. I needed to find a replacement pretty quickly. I started with some notices on Linkedin and quickly went back to someone who responded. They themselves had just been let down on 2 freelance writing roles which had been cancelled at the last minute. We did find someone else who we had suggested at the beginning of the week and they were still available. So that was 2 writers who were available at short notice. This is unusual, I think there is a tipping point being reached. I also spoke to another writer who was busy mailing round the agencies to get work.

If you have kids and are freelance it sounds like the perfect work/life balance but is it? When you weigh up all the benefits of perm employment (the same days worked each week, flexible hours, pension, holidays, health insurance ) we must be reaching the point where this is better than £350 a day with no promise of a full week’s work and erratic hours. How many days per year are these freelancers working?

If you have kids and are trying to work freelance it seems most writers seem to want to work from home, with the majority of our placements our clients want the writers in the agency at least for the majority of the time. Are these writers doing a dual role of childcare and writing? If not I really don’t understand the reluctance to work from an office for a few days. Surely a change of scene and meeting new people is a draw to someone used to a fairly solitary role of a writer.

Would be good to hear from Medical Writers and let me know if my suspicions are correct, how many days on average are you working in a month. We have done some calculations and I think with an average Medical Writers salary at £65k + benefits ask yourself if you would be better of permanent.

Have a look yourself on the online contract calculator.

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